[WayV-ariety] The Lonely Master Chef XIAO | Guangdong Taco

게시일 2021. 04. 28.
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  • Choco Mint

    Choco Mint

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    14 시간 전

    I'm watching it again ...

  • Abigail Carcueva

    Abigail Carcueva

    일 전

    this is the most overdramatic way of eating a ramen and I'm definitely loving it 😂😆

  • Quenishia


    2 일 전

    He's making us laugh without saying anything, only xiaojun can do that

  • Bibiboop


    2 일 전

    He is funny and sexy at the same time❤

  • Bigfoot Johnny and Ten's Mr. Fish

    Bigfoot Johnny and Ten's Mr. Fish

    2 일 전

    he's effortlessly funny i'm cry-laughing

  • Jassy Galarpe

    Jassy Galarpe

    2 일 전

    this is so funny hahahha

  • Shamina Iqbal

    Shamina Iqbal

    3 일 전

    Lol I can't understand the logic behind his dishes 😂. The menu that he chose in this whole series itself a legendary thing apart from the music, the humor, the asmr and the aesthetics.
    (Just realised that I've written SPOILERS below, if at all you're watching this series for the first time from first to last and not in the reverse. I've mentioned all the later menus::)
    Like I don't even understand why he has to eat it like that when he can eat the chips followed by a slurp of ramen! And the hot pear juice with rock sugar he drank in wine glass is still funny to me. And the Oreo recipe I wonder what kind of recipe is that cuz he didn't add anything apart from the milk. That doesn't make a cake. He can simply eat Oreos dipped in milk instead of spending the oven's energy. The burnt grilled squid with too too much of spices my Lord. There was only one menu I was truly satisfied is the spicy cheese toast. That was the only sensible menu although not everyone would like it. But still it looked a proper dish!

  • YiLin Chen

    YiLin Chen

    3 일 전

    好好笑 我真的會瘋掉

  • Purplee Eggspy

    Purplee Eggspy

    6 일 전

    I can see the future suju 2.0 on wayv. The chaotic vibe got em 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bang Chan

    Bang Chan

    8 일 전

    How is tht possible for someone to be this good looking but super funny at the same time?! I can't with him 😆😆

  • Samantha Goodwin

    Samantha Goodwin

    8 일 전

    This is honestly the most relatable cooking show I've ever seen. Props to Xiaojun for keeping it real. 😆👏

  • Ronald M

    Ronald M

    8 일 전

    Quien es Gordon Ramsay? Chef Xiao es el mejor chef del mundo.

  • Sunisa Aueafuea

    Sunisa Aueafuea

    9 일 전

    ชอบอ่ะ ดูเป็นธรรมชาติของคนเข้าครัวหาทำอาหารเอง ในสไตร์แบบอยากทำไรก็ทำ อยากชิมตอนไหนก็ชิม รวมๆแล้วดูน่ารักฮาๆๆดี ชอบๆ

  • It gets worst

    It gets worst

    11 일 전

    Day79 of telling SM to let Xiao jun do comedy movies and shows

  • Levi's Bitch

    Levi's Bitch

    11 일 전

    Wtf did he literally just put on a chef outfit and rented an expensive kitchen just to make instant noodles? Just king things

  • Milan fbryn

    Milan fbryn

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  • Nooni


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  • Cassie Mortera

    Cassie Mortera

    14 일 전

    did he just opened all of the pringles?

  • Cassie Mortera

    Cassie Mortera

    14 일 전


  • yuyu


    14 일 전

    Xiaojun not saying anything meanwhile me laughing in silence

  • % jay

    % jay

    15 일 전

    Very helpful to me, thank you chef 👍🏻

  • Margareth Heo

    Margareth Heo

    15 일 전

    Why does he give off mr.bean's vibe.....

  • nana shi

    nana shi

    15 일 전


  • Polite


    16 일 전

    wow impressive

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

    Peanut Butter & Jelly

    16 일 전

    This recipe is snack food heaven

  • La La

    La La

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  • hendery fluffy agenda

    hendery fluffy agenda

    16 일 전

    to those who thought he's going to seriously cook: 🤡🤡🤡

  • hendery fluffy agenda

    hendery fluffy agenda

    16 일 전


  • Antonette Celine

    Antonette Celine

    16 일 전

    can't help laughing 😂😂😂 more content pls dejun🙌

  • ナナ


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  • Ismael Silva

    Ismael Silva

    18 일 전

    The drama, the comedy, the patience, the culinary talent (?). Xiaojun is the perfect man.

  • Cherrypink.2


    18 일 전

    Mr. XiaoBean calling...

  • kwcnny kwtk / aprl flwr

    kwcnny kwtk / aprl flwr

    18 일 전

    i remember watching this — minutes after it was released — and i had a good laugh. it was a nice time and xiaojun’s a forking hilarous guy. writing this comment just to thank everyone who parcitipated in making this video :)))

  • nurfaqihah


    19 일 전

    excuse me, am I watching mr.bean??????

  • jlnct random

    jlnct random

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  • Little Pinkidle100

    Little Pinkidle100

    20 일 전

    My stupid self thought he was really making tacos from the beginning.😂

  • karinnayyamm


    20 일 전

    pertanyaan nya gini
    wahai masterchef xiaojun, anda mau memasak atau melawak?😂

  • MyLittlePinhead


    20 일 전

    How he whispers “..taco. Yeah.”

  • I got no jams

    I got no jams

    21 일 전

    SM: Lets give them content based on behind the scenes of comeback stages
    First mark with mark awards
    Now xiaojun with Guangzhou Taco

  • Lyndsay Eberhardt

    Lyndsay Eberhardt

    21 일 전

    Pringle ramen, back again

  • _r0niee


    21 일 전

    I can’t with Dejun AHAHAHA the quietness with his movements and the subs cracks me up🤣😂🤣

  • زمن عادل

    زمن عادل

    21 일 전

    ههههه ياربي هذا الانسان كمية كوميديا متحركة ههههه

  • rafa fauzan

    rafa fauzan

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  • Reni Tangmau

    Reni Tangmau

    21 일 전

    his pantomime skill is good, i think he can do better if he practice more..fighting dejuunn

  • Janet Abraham

    Janet Abraham

    21 일 전

    1st 30 secs be like... Ok something's gonna happen today
    In the 31st sec.... Uhhh I shouldn't have trust 1st 30 seconds 😅😅

  • 강우지


    22 일 전

    Cara ribet makan popmie

  • Aguila, Erica Mae G.

    Aguila, Erica Mae G.

    22 일 전

    Can you give him a watch? 😂😂😂

  • Aguila, Erica Mae G.

    Aguila, Erica Mae G.

    22 일 전

    I just laugh in the whole 6 mins and 36 secs even though it was in a silent mode but Xaiojun was being a natural comedian 😂

  • 신라박


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  • ksoolo


    22 일 전

    imagine the members reaction while watching this 😭

  • Cassia serva de Deus

    Cassia serva de Deus

    22 일 전

    É muito bom parabéns Xiao😘

  • sijeuniee


    22 일 전

    Mau heran, tapi dia dejun. Gajadi herannya

  • Amizah Ayu Rahmawati

    Amizah Ayu Rahmawati

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  • krisda yulianti

    krisda yulianti

    23 일 전

    He is so cute😻

  • Min Choi

    Min Choi

    23 일 전

    I love how he cook hahaha

  • Jean the horse face

    Jean the horse face

    24 일 전

    Plss I'm hungry now

  • intan fairuz

    intan fairuz

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  • Syeda Sultana Tanzeela

    Syeda Sultana Tanzeela

    25 일 전

    I saw this meme of him banging the table on tick tock

  • Putri Nia

    Putri Nia

    25 일 전

    Maap jun ge bengek 😭

  • Im ndabeom

    Im ndabeom

    26 일 전


  • Leinys Garcia

    Leinys Garcia

    26 일 전

    I wanna try it

  • shannon morningstar

    shannon morningstar

    26 일 전

    XJ, did you think the green package had macha flavor and burned by the wasabi surprise?

  • SHINee Yellow Neko

    SHINee Yellow Neko

    26 일 전

    One I laughed so much!!!

  • Wonho Pyjama

    Wonho Pyjama

    26 일 전

    This video is silent but screams chaos

  • 336 1

    336 1

    26 일 전

    So basically the noise didn't come from his chaos but from our bursting laugh

  • wildwildcranberry


    27 일 전

    This is my type of comedy right HERE 😂

  • Jacquelyn Chow

    Jacquelyn Chow

    27 일 전

    Xiaojun creating quality content without speaking is just gold 😆

  • Ten's little fish

    Ten's little fish

    27 일 전

    I fully support this content

  • Ana Lopez

    Ana Lopez

    27 일 전

    Xiaojun what in the world is this * crying emoji

  • kpopkenzie.


    28 일 전

    *the food was so good he couldn't even talk*

  • ihearthikary22


    29 일 전

    i feel so unhealthy just watching this 😂

  • mm9EXO_L OT9

    mm9EXO_L OT9

    29 일 전

    he wanted to watch time but there is no watch in his wrist ehuheiheuhueheueheueheueh

  • Mar'ah Aulia

    Mar'ah Aulia

    개월 전

    kiyowooooo bangettt

  • schalazeal07


    개월 전

    Maybe I can try flipping a taco noodle one of these days. 🤔

  • jodohnya jaemin

    jodohnya jaemin

    개월 전

    pelawak berkedok idol daahhಥ‿ಥ

  • jodohnya jaemin

    jodohnya jaemin

    개월 전


  • Shella Azhar

    Shella Azhar

    개월 전

    What the heck dejun doing 🤣

  • 5hawol in hibernation

    5hawol in hibernation

    개월 전

    silent WayV is still chaotic af

  • Bunny Bunny

    Bunny Bunny

    개월 전

    the faces he made just make me very happy

  • Dewi sastika

    Dewi sastika

    개월 전

    So handsome

  • Fullsun's Sunflower

    Fullsun's Sunflower

    개월 전

    5:24 Indians eating panipuri lol

  • christine


    개월 전

    and this is how they make their food without kun,

  • B开RB开R开


    개월 전

    Yo en la cocina de mi casa después de haber preparado un huevo /swag/

  • Mutiara Wilasari

    Mutiara Wilasari

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  • eri zen

    eri zen

    개월 전

    the chaos that this video holds HAHAHAHAHA

  • Cantika can

    Cantika can

    개월 전

    xiaojun can be chef and comedian in the same time LOL 😭😭🏃

  • endang Setyawati

    endang Setyawati

    개월 전

    Hahahahaha please, this make me laught. :))))

  • Lindsey


    개월 전

    He could have left the chip on the plane when he put the plate on the cup of noodles but instead he holds it? Then eats it!

  • Carla Marie Curie

    Carla Marie Curie

    개월 전

    Waoooooo. Cómo no amar a alguien tan genial y divertido

  • A_Maze_ In'_Kpop

    A_Maze_ In'_Kpop

    개월 전

    Why do my biases always have to be weird?

  • 샘

    개월 전

    the 2nd hand embarrassment

    • XIAOKUNBack2U


      29 일 전

      why? xiaojun graduated from acting school, and Guangdong Taco comes from the video Late Night Restaurant where he ate with Lucas. Before you write anything, get to know wayv.

  • 샘

    개월 전

    never let kai join this man pls 💀

  • Luciana Alves

    Luciana Alves

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  • Nisrina Hasna

    Nisrina Hasna

    개월 전

    I must try this at home. Thank you 😂😂😂😂👍

  • 아린


    개월 전

    xiaojun, you're cute and when I say cute, it means something...

  • 아린


    개월 전

    xiaojun, you're cute and when I say cute, it means something...



    개월 전

    The most relatable chef ever.

  • Gwyneth Alvarez

    Gwyneth Alvarez

    개월 전

    The way he eats the taco😭😭😭

  • Uciary Wahyuni

    Uciary Wahyuni

    개월 전

    Waktu dejun naruh mie ke kripik, gue ikut tahan napas anjirrr