[WayV-ariety] The Lonely Master Chef XIAO | Spicy Cheese Toast

게시일 2021. 05. 13.
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  • Patricia Go

    Patricia Go

    22 시간 전

    He really doesn't speak. Lmao

  • Wiphawee Maisan

    Wiphawee Maisan

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  • Quenishia


    2 일 전

    I kinda wanna try it now...

  • Choco Mint

    Choco Mint

    2 일 전


  • Jelita


    4 일 전

    who is the editor lol ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Kesus


    5 일 전

    you need a damn whooping

  • Najwa Nadira

    Najwa Nadira

    5 일 전

    Cafe Arnold menangis melihat ini:)

  • miss nyks

    miss nyks

    5 일 전

    I know he already ate laoganma with cheese before bUT WHY IS HE NOT STOPPING? I personally love chili oil on meat dishes but I can’t imagine how it would taste on bread with cheese 😭

  • ナナ


    6 일 전


  • Name?


    7 일 전

    I love how he's so pleased with himself and his spicy cheese toast. 😂

  • Ronald M

    Ronald M

    8 일 전

    Xiaojun en traje de Chef se ve hermoso.

  • G T

    G T

    10 일 전

    Probably the funniest thing is how much he seems to enjoy this dish like it's gourmet fine dining. I'm dead. And the captions-whoever makes them needs a raise.

  • haengbok


    11 일 전

    "Silence is loud"
    Point proved 😂

  • hanabi


    12 일 전

    I think all of the episode in this series are filmed in the same day 🤣

  • bweaar


    12 일 전

    I get so scared when he suddenly screams PLEEEASE AND I KNOW ITS ON PURPOSEE BUT MY EARRRRS

  • kyu suria

    kyu suria

    12 일 전

    Too short!! I need more xiaojun 😍

  • kp _luv

    kp _luv

    13 일 전


  • Adamus


    13 일 전

    this is a new level of cooking

  • Kimmy Fantabinwoo

    Kimmy Fantabinwoo

    13 일 전

    Ikutan seneng karena masaknya lancar jaya gak pake failed kek yg udah" 🤣🤣

  • Brittany Gale

    Brittany Gale

    13 일 전

    Literally the loudest sound in this whole video is him shouting woaw😂

  • Brittany Gale

    Brittany Gale

    13 일 전

    Xiaojun is so cute looking into the microwave awe

  • Nooni


    14 일 전

    Xiaojun has the best recipes such a talented chef indeed ✨

  • Glennda Keleasha

    Glennda Keleasha

    14 일 전

    *depression meal check*

  • Cassie Mortera

    Cassie Mortera

    14 일 전


  • kei xx

    kei xx

    14 일 전


  • MinSioK 99

    MinSioK 99

    15 일 전

    So that is how you show sincerity? By waiting on the spot. 😂🤣😂 I live by your captions and edit. Xiaojun is so handsome.

  • kpop forever

    kpop forever

    15 일 전

    Best chef in the world ❤️

  • ayshaa rl

    ayshaa rl

    15 일 전

    xiaojun, why are you so cute? you need a companion? i'm ready.

  • % jay

    % jay

    15 일 전


  • snowballczn


    15 일 전

    "Beautiful" 😭😭😭😭

  • Camilla Rose

    Camilla Rose

    16 일 전

    I had my volume turned way up but the second he started eating I turned it way down because I knew what was coming

  • hendery fluffy agenda

    hendery fluffy agenda

    16 일 전

    4:00 ayo i had my volume at max 😭

  • hendery fluffy agenda

    hendery fluffy agenda

    16 일 전

    remember when yangyang said xiaojun would eat lao gan ma with anything, yangyang thought he ate it with bread turns out it was cheese–
    and now, the rebirth of spicy cheese toast

  • Polite


    16 일 전

    i really wanna taste it

  • presh


    16 일 전

    Why do I love these episodes lol

  • Nelli Eissa

    Nelli Eissa

    16 일 전


  • I love you so Mark

    I love you so Mark

    16 일 전

    Xiaojun look like Mr.Been lol

  • Hamsinah Hitachy

    Hamsinah Hitachy

    16 일 전

    Musik nya aja dah bikin ngakak nambah dejun begitu :D

  • nai Kurzvski

    nai Kurzvski

    18 일 전

    Write down the recipe 👩‍🍳

  • 13_hera amanda safitri

    13_hera amanda safitri

    18 일 전

    Kelakuannya ampun deh😭😂

  • Alícia Caroline

    Alícia Caroline

    18 일 전

    Eu amei esse tipo de vídeo KKKKKKKK Já virou rotina assistir, só faço rir, principalmente quando do nada o Dejun solta um "WOO" KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • xiaochie


    18 일 전

    Dejun & his perfect mess!

  • rainy qur

    rainy qur

    18 일 전

    Semoga dejun jadi tamu MasterChef ya

  • lily


    19 일 전

    get ittt masterrr

  • Imalatunil Khaira

    Imalatunil Khaira

    19 일 전

    lagunya bikin tambah ngakak :"

  • Jade lollipop

    Jade lollipop

    19 일 전

    wow how does it even taste i haven't heard of a spicy cheese toast before xD Xiaojun doing the most and inventing recipes ok king i see you!

  • Je D

    Je D

    19 일 전

    Im coming to chef xiao to laugh everyday lol

  • Asyifa Melatisukma

    Asyifa Melatisukma

    19 일 전

    for xiaojun and staff-nim, you're doing great to make us laugh! (sorry for my bad english)

  • Arbie Jane Boroquillo

    Arbie Jane Boroquillo

    19 일 전

    I keep asking myself "WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?"

  • xiaojunstreaღWayV


    20 일 전

    Xiaojun chef and composer

  • Ruth Lopez

    Ruth Lopez

    20 일 전

    "minimalism is a trend"
    me and my wandering brain: suho- sm said it's minimalism....

  • Fadila Junia

    Fadila Junia

    21 일 전

    Suka banget sama konten masaknya chef xiaojun ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

  • Zen


    21 일 전

    The way enjoys his own food I think we all can relate who can't cook TT

  • Novita Sese

    Novita Sese

    21 일 전

    He's my fav chef omg🤩



    21 일 전

    I'm just happy more people are now realizing why he became my bias 🤭

  • Fatma Zahra Abdultalib

    Fatma Zahra Abdultalib

    21 일 전

    Gagiiii kahit ganyan ka Xiaojun mahal na mahal paren kita, di kita papalitan as bias😭

  • Cintia JAMDASIL

    Cintia JAMDASIL

    22 일 전

    The food done in the series is good haha 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Amizah Ayu Rahmawati

    Amizah Ayu Rahmawati

    22 일 전

    i'll try this later. thank you, master...

  • Innie Bu

    Innie Bu

    22 일 전

    No veré master chef Argentina, pero puedo ver master cher Xiao

  • sijeuniee


    22 일 전

    Mengcapek aku jun

  • Hadhiya Hudha

    Hadhiya Hudha

    22 일 전


  • you are 'Marked' in my heart

    you are 'Marked' in my heart

    22 일 전

    i want this content to go on forever! as im an nctzen who loves to watch recipe videos

  • you are 'Marked' in my heart

    you are 'Marked' in my heart

    22 일 전

    i'll accompanny you chef xiao!!!!

  • Amy Schotch

    Amy Schotch

    23 일 전

    Hehehe I love these with Xiaojun!!

  • LibraMook


    23 일 전

    Not a lot of ppl can make silent s**t entertaining. DJ's acting skills are on point!

  • gianina garay

    gianina garay

    24 일 전

    te amo

  • Khemika's TVML

    Khemika's TVML

    24 일 전


  • bukan orang

    bukan orang

    24 일 전

    capek bgt🗿

  • Danny Kim

    Danny Kim

    24 일 전

    Selalu ngakak liat kelakuannya😂

  • N H

    N H

    24 일 전

    3:59 noise warning lol

  • Olena Marie Dy

    Olena Marie Dy

    24 일 전

    Hello, can anyone help me with LaoGanMa? I am confused as I researched it actually has many varieties? Which one does XiaoJun use?🤣

  • N_ Creat

    N_ Creat

    24 일 전

    Semua pada maen saos yee

  • Zaky Ar-Rasyid

    Zaky Ar-Rasyid

    24 일 전

    1:03 The way they made it so ExTRa HAHAHAHA

  • Chelsea Liew

    Chelsea Liew

    24 일 전

    I'm still wondering why is this man my bias. Anyway, I love you Xiaojun my boy :)

  • Hannah


    24 일 전

    Can someone tell me what does this dish taste like

  • itslyyricss__


    25 일 전

    Kun will crying in the corner :')

  • 조 민 의

    조 민 의

    25 일 전


  • Nisafatun Mukaromah

    Nisafatun Mukaromah

    25 일 전

    Ngakak dahhh 🤣

  • Lora Albert

    Lora Albert

    25 일 전

    he is so beautiful no matter what he cooks

  • C N

    C N

    25 일 전

    Flashbacks to when YY said XJ would put that sauce on anything to eat
    2021: ... now I know

  • xx


    25 일 전

    This is the quality content I was looking for.

  • Anny Varachit

    Anny Varachit

    25 일 전

    What’s the next menu Dejun?

  • dirce


    25 일 전

    TE AMO

  • Via Ailsa

    Via Ailsa

    25 일 전

    this is the best menu so far, i really wanna try it from the chef itself

  • molina


    26 일 전

    hahahaha why so funny even he didnt talk much

  • Im ndabeom

    Im ndabeom

    26 일 전

    Junnn sumpah. Kok gue bisa ya suka sm lo😭😭😭😭

  • KIKI


    26 일 전

    Untung tutup botolnya dah ke buka. Nggak kebayang aja dia bakal susah payah buka tutup botol.

  • Kim Kai

    Kim Kai

    26 일 전

    4:04 *HELP* Why does he sound like my sims when I feed them 😂

  • Kim Kai

    Kim Kai

    26 일 전

    I remember the members making fun of xiaojun on take off era for putting Lao Gan Ma in his sandwich bc that's his fav 🤣🥺

  • Jasmine Lee

    Jasmine Lee

    26 일 전

    don’t jump me but the background instrumental music the way it dies has me ded af lol 😂

  • doyoiung spark

    doyoiung spark

    26 일 전

    he's natural comedian

  • Danae Vanessa May Samperio

    Danae Vanessa May Samperio

    26 일 전

    He is really funny i love it AHAHAH

  • jeonju boy

    jeonju boy

    26 일 전

    idk xiaojun how much i love you for this...

  • Arya Bharath

    Arya Bharath

    26 일 전

    Xiaojun is soo funny and the captions and editing make this even more hilarious🤣🤣🤣 and the way he kept saying "beautiful" looking at the toast😂

  • Bucin semangka

    Bucin semangka

    26 일 전

    Coba jun ikut acara master chef siapa tau aja menang

  • Lucas Wong

    Lucas Wong

    26 일 전

    Putang ASMR yan Xiaojun😂

  • Monika Anindita

    Monika Anindita

    26 일 전

    whoever made these subtitles deserves a raise.

  • therainbwo lantern

    therainbwo lantern

    27 일 전


  • Jacquelyn Chow

    Jacquelyn Chow

    27 일 전

    Xiaojun doesnt need words to produce quality content 😆

  • bub bly

    bub bly

    27 일 전

    me as a culinary student watching some of the things he did in this video (especially the hygiene related things) gave me a little rage inside but at the end if the day it is xiaojun how am i supposed to be mad